"Storytelling photography - images that capture a moment with tension, inspiration, and emotion. They tell the story of your subject matter without the use of motion picture or words.

"Everyone has a story & I am constantly in awe of people's stories. The life you've lived, the moments and experiences that have made you who you are today. The more people I meet the more my amazement grows. The art of telling a story through an imagine is something unbelievably special. When I'm at a photoshoot with you, I want you to feel seen. To feel heard. To know you will be remembered.

Capturing a part of a person, bringing a part of them to light for the world to see through an Image, that is story telling. And that is my why."

-Beth (Founder of Joy Imaging, GOLD COAST)

““The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.””



“Beth is brilliant!! We had an extended family photoshoot with 13 people and she made every one of us feel comfortable and at ease (even the littlies) and we got some AMAZING photos as a result. Beth captures the special, funny, messy and soulful moments… and everything in between. I cannot recommend Beth highly enough. The photos she captured of our family are plastered all over my house, which pretty much says it all :)”