Hi, I'm Beth Joy

and I couldn't be happier that you've stopped by! A little about me... I'm a nature loving, connection capturing gal, in love with freezing joy moments.

Currently living on the beautiful Gold Coast with my husband Tom, 10 year old son Tyler and two crazy German Shepherds, Loaki + Kylo. You'll catch me by the ocean in my spare time with a dog leash in one hand and an almond milk latte in the other.

Okay so look. I’m here to talk about me but really all I want to do is know about you. Because that’s what fires me up. Everyone has a story, a reason, a passion and a purpose. Hearing about those things, digging them up out of a person sets my soul on fire. And being able to showcase that through my photography is what brings me the most JOY. 

I love what I do. For all those mums that are always taking the photos and are never in the pictures - I feel you. I was a single mum for 6 years before I met my now Husband, Tom. And the only photos I have of my son Tyler and I during all those years are crappy quality selfies. 

This is one of the things that drives me. Mum, get in the photo! You are the glue that holds your family together and its heartbreaking to know that so many women are missing opportunities to get pictures with their family. You are amazing mama and your children are going to want memories of you when they’re all grown up. Your grandchildren are going to want to see nanny as a young women. You matter and documenting your life matters, SO much. So please get in the photo mum.

Okay now let's get deep. Love is the driving force behind why I take photos. I feel like love and connection are the most important things in life and what, really, is life without those things? I want to document your love, whatever shape or form that comes in. Because your love is only yours and only you and your loved ones understand it. Having moments of love and laughter between you two frozen in time for you to always look back on and remember, oh my goodness it is just so important!! I think we often forget that life is not always going to be the way it is today. And we easily forget the little details that once meant the world to us. The way that person smiled at us. The way their eyes shone when you say that funny thing or make that hilarious joke. These tiny moments in a way, make up the enormity of your love.

Let me capture that for you. Let me document it so that the way you laughed and the way you loved will never be forgotten. YOU will never be forgotten.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. Now let's go tell your story.



“Beth is fantastic at what she does! We could not be happier with the way our photos turned out. She is so down to earth and really captured us and the essence of our relationship. I was really nervous to get behind the camera but Beth made everything so smooth and easy, and her jokes are hilarious! I can't wait to use her again in the years to come”